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the richmond times dispatch that he plans to talk with president obama before making a decision. kaine is already coming out ahead in the polls. >> kaine actually tests higher 50 to 44% or so so he is coming out a little bit ahead of what webb would have in a head to head race at least in the polls. >> some say a kaine candidacy will also play into president obama's re-election strategy in 012. >>> the victory for president obama involving the budget. up next, details on a hughes vote to cancel a controversial program. >>> we'll get the latest on i deputy u.s. marshal killed while trying to serve a warrant. we'll check more headlines when we come back.  >>> making headlines, two boating incidents in asia. one american is dead a at least one u.s. citizen was among 12 foreigns are who were killed. they were on board a tourist boat that went down off of vietnam last night. >>> off indonesia, police picked up at least 10 people in a boat off of burma. >>> federal agencies have create a joint task force to investigate the shooting of two u.s. immigration and customs enfor
-on-one with president obama. >> they touched on the recent crisis in egypt and o'reilly even took aim at the president's popularity. sarah simmons joins us with more on the interview. >> reporter: good morning. it was a very different face- off before the game and a lot of people watched it as fox commentator bill o'reilly sat down with a live interview with premier and he had some very pointed questions for him. president barack obama and fox's bill o'reilly one on one. the live pre-super bowl interview touching on a number of topics including the ongoing unrest in egypt. president obama saying even though he doesn't know what hosni mubarak plans to do, country will not be the same. >> egypt will not go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: on the matter of health care reform, president obama sounded off on a recent ruling by a federal judge in florida declaring the bill he signed into law last year unconstitu
working for president obama. last night, he thanked voters. >> what make this victory most gratifying is that it was built on votes from every corner of the city, from people who believe that a common set of challenges must be met with a common purpose. >> emmanuel gave up his job at the white house in october to return to chicago to run for mayor. he takes office on may 16th. >>> and now to the developments in libya where foreign governments are scrambling to get their citizens out. the united states is telling americans to get to the port in tripoli to board a ferry that will bring them to safety on the mediterranean island of malta. the evacuations come as fears of civil war grow in that area. the united states is also condemning the killing of four americans by pirates. their yacht was seized off somalia last friday. the four were still alive when the navy destroy irstarted following hem. special forces sailors stormed the boat only to find the americans fatally wounded. >>> we'll take a break and be right back.  lysol believes no toilet is complete until it's
of protesters and step down now. president obama said he told mubarak that an organized peaceful transition must begin now and include opposition parties. here is what president mubarak had to say yesterday. >> i intend to work in the remaining months of my presidency in order to have measurements taken for a peaceful transition of power under the constitution. >> if president mubarak stays until the end of his term in september, many marchers say that is too long. this morning, internet service is slowly returning to egypt after days an unprecedented cutoff by the government. >>> the president in yemen says he will not seek another term or hand power onto his son. that would bring his three decade rule to an end when his current term expires in 201. just yesterday, the king jordan fired a cabinet and named a new prime minister. >>> you remember the controversy over the airport body scanners. coming up next, we'll tell you what is being tested at reagan national that might be easing concerns. >>> how a school bus ended up looking like this. we are checki
big story we are following, president obama will unveil his budget plan for 2012 today. the goal is to cut the deficit by $1.3 trillion in the next 10 years that. includes cutting some programs the president supports. some republicans are still worried and house speaker john boehner has gotten 150 economists to sign i letter calling for spending cuts immediately. >> the president wants to freeze domestic discretionary spending at existing levels. this is after all the of the money that has been spent over the last two years. locking in that level of spending is way too much. >> republicans say they will cut $100 million from the current budget before they even consider the president's budget for 2012. >>> plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. more encouraging news involving congresswoman gabrielle giffords. up next, how she is using music to aid in her recovery. >>> the biggest night of the year for the music industry. the 53rd grammy awards. we'll let you know who walked way with the most hardware. we'll have a full recap. we'll take a break and come back. 
. >>> president obama apparently has quit smoking. that is the word from the first lady. michelle obama told reporter her husband hasn't smoked in almost a year. she says she is very proud of him. >> that is great. >>> a consume anterior letter that you should know about this morning. the next time you download a free app, beware of charges that may not be so obvious. once nurse it, you may be subject to fees whether it is free or not. >> lawmaker getting involved. two senators have issued letters urging the federal trade commission to take a look at in-app sales. will thomas is working on this story. >> i thought it was free. >> reporter: what did you end up getting chargeed? >> $29. >> reporter: she was heading to florida for some fun in the sun. >> i'm looking at this app. it said well, you can get the note if i indications on your phone daily of what the weather is going to be. i'm like okay. well, cool. >> reporter: so by getting the note if i indications, it triggered that extra charge. >> by accepting that i wanted the notification, i was charged $29. >> reporter: she says her bank ma
. president obama fired the first shot with his $3.7 trillion budget that cuts some programs for the poor but republicans want even drastic cuts in social programs. later today, the president's budget direct our will be on capitol hill district attorneying the president's proposals. >>> republicans have laid out their plan to slash $150 nil wrong in federal money before the end of the year. common is live this morning in northwest at the friendship heights metro station with more on what this might mean for the transit agency and also for riders. >> reporter: nothing is out of question when gop leaders are taking a look at this budget and trying to see where they can cut things. metro is one of many things they are looking at that could possibly face cuts. but here is the thing, as they try to pare down the national debt, metro is facing its own money issues, a $7 # million budget gap they are facing. republicans are proposing to cut $150 million from metro over the next eight months. you have heard about metro's problems especially since the june 2009 red line crash. you probably heard a
are investigating which is standard after any politician action involving force. >>> president obama raising the stake in the standoff with pakistan over a detained american embassy employee. up next, why the president says pakistan has much to lose if the case drags on. >>> how one teacher's blog has landed her in trouble because of some not owe kind words she had to say about her students. >>> the dow down about 41 points on a weak retail sales report. nasdaq was off about 13 points. >>> nikkei up overnight at a new 10-month high. >>> making headlines, a drive going the wrong with a crashes into a police car in texas and the whole thing caught on camera. you can see the vehicle going north in the southbound lanes. police started to follow that car. that is when the same vehicle drove right into the police cruiser. the drive was allegedly drinking and driving. nobody else was hurt in the crash. >>> an american diplomat is still being held in pakistan despite his diplomatic immunity and president obama is calling on packston now to release him. raymond davis shot and killed two people he say
>>> president obama going to talk about his religion this morning as he is due to address the national prayer breakfast in the district t comes after surveys show that few americans know the president is a christian. the breakfast starts at 8:00 this morning. >>> we'll learn more about the financial situation in maryland today as governor o'malley is set to give his annual state of the state address at noon. his budget proposal would close a $1.3 billion budget gap. >>> a man suspected of several burglary in montgomery county may have done himself in thanks to the recent power outages. cody wilkins is charged in the string of home break-ins. he was arrested last friday. investigators say he left his cell phone behind charging in that home he had broken into because power was out at his own house. >>> a man convicted of killing chandra levy wants a new trial. lawyers for ingmar guandique say their requests justified. >>> after two years, police are finally revealing a new clue into the murder of a virginia tech student. a crystal necklace was not found with morgan harrington. her death was li
satellite testifying stations whose main purpose is to drive a wedge among the people. >> president obama says egypt's government needs to explain itself to its people. >>> new detail this morning only on fox 5 in the case of and fbi agent suspected of drunk driving and speeding in a crash that killed a teenager. a maryland man tells fox 5 that just a few minutes before that crash monday night, he saw the agent's suv swerving along route 5 and called 911. he says he then watched as a prince george's county police cruiser pulled alongside the vehicle. he says the officer shineed a light into the car but didn't pull it over. >> i think if the cruiser had pulled hum over, that kid's life may have been saved. >> this officer may have just seen a tag light out. may have just seen a person he thought might have been on the cell phone and has no reason to connect what he saw that night with what ended up happening. >> prince george's county police say they hadn't heard about this until we told them about it. the fbi has suspended the agent. he is identified adrian johnson. >>> plenty more straig
be worked out by president obama. let's get more now from sherry ly live outside the white house with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. officials say the white house and top egyptian officials are in talks to try to stem the crisis is in egypt. white house will not discuss any details of the talk but it is said to include the possibility of president hosni mubarak stepping down immediately. the crisis has intensified. details of the u.s.-egyptian stalks involve setting up a temporary interim government to oversee elections but that is one of several options said to be on the table. the situation has grown increasingly dangerous for more than media and human rights activists hunted down an attacked by mubarak supporters including a fox news reporter and hid cameraman. white house officials say egypt's government appears responsible for the violence targeting protesters and journalists. >> it is a violation of international norms that guarantee freedom of the press and is unacceptable under any circumstances. >> the military has stood by as the protesters worked the anger
in reference to jobs lost under the obama administration. democrats say the idea to highlight republican attitudes about people losing jobs. >> a very heavy -- we had a very -- let's go -- >> it sounds almost unreal but what happened here now apparently doctors say she was experiencing a migraine with an aura. she says she felt nauseous and dizzy. she says she is looking forward to getting back to work. >>> a lot more ahead including a fox 5 follow-up. anger over the delay in building the national slavery museum. now, one of the leading fundraisers is speaking out. >> we are talking about bill cosby. we'll hear what he had to say about this. >>> today's forecast is a good one. you know it by now. julie wright is here. she will tell us what is happening on the area roadways. it is 11 minutes after 5:00 now. we will be right back.  is. >>> a quick peek at traffic on the wilson bridge right now early on this friday morning. that temperature, i tell you what, after a beautiful day yesterday, still handing in there at 57 right now this morning. >> put the windows down, put the top up
robinson, stevie wonder and barry gordy. president obama says the riding popularity of motown back in the 1960s and '70ss helped bridge the nation's racial divide. >>> michael jackson's sister rebbie jackson is in town. >> it is part of the rebbie jackson pick up the phone 2011 suicide prevention tour. she sat down with sunshine slowdown yancy. >> this has to be a huge struggle. it is constantly in the news. just today, it was p reported there is more wrangling over when the trial will be but right now the doctor also good in the michael's death is set to go to trial next month. do you think your brother was murdered? >> yes, i do. my feeling of that, i really want to seeious take place. it is very important to me and i'm sure the rhett of my family. as a result, i'll be going as much as i can to the court. and again, just saying yes, i do believe he was murdered and i want to see justice take place. >> we were talking a while ago and you said you think you believe the last song michael recorded with a family member was with you and the folk on facebook want to know when are you g
ensuring passage. >>> president obama has order the justice department to stop defending the constitutionality of a federal law that bans recognition of gay marriage. attorney general eric holder says the president has concluded the 15-year-old defense of marriage act was legally indefensible. president clinton signed that act into law back in 1996. >>> d.c. mayor vince gray is warning a federal government shutdown could hurt the district. one in 1995 cost the region nearly $4 billion in lost contracts. democrats and republicans have until march 4th to find a resolution or the government will close. right now, they don't seem to be close to an agreement. congress isn't even working this week. >>> turning now to the developing civil war in libya, reports from libya say up to 1,000 people have now died in the uprising. dictator moammar ghadafi is clinging to power in the capital but he has lost control of most of the rest of the country. a city in the east has been liberated. protesters controlled the city and demanded a free libya. >> there is no retreat. ghadafi, go away.
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